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Carpet Cleaner Industries

Carpet Cleaner Industries stands for over 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing of the world wide known Carpet Cleaner System. With this system textile surfaces such as carpets, rugs, Upholstery and mattresses are cleaned and sanitized in a dry, ecological way – using very low moisture.

Carpet Cleaner System

The Carpet Cleaner System is endorsed from the world’s biggest Carpet mills. It consists of highest quality  counter rotating brushing machines (CRB) and various cleaning products. Carpet Cleaner products are woolsafe certified and CRI approved.

The CRB machines including Renovator technology are available from 25cm to 100cm cleaning width giving you cleaning capacity of up to 500 m²/hour.

Dry compound and Encapsulation

The compound is composed of soft, organic particles which are loaded with cleaning agents. It works by delivering these cleaning agents into the carpet fibers by “brushing in” with the CRB machine. The CRB brushes distribute the compound throughout the carpet and clean the fibers in the process. As the soil from the fibers become dissolved, the particles then reabsorb it like miniature sponges. Once this “brushing in” is accomplished, you simply “brush out” or remove it by using the CRB with our Renovator catch tray attachments. Ideal for deep intensive cleaning and carpet restoration.

The combination with the specially developed Crystal Family Encapsulation products guarantee best cleaning results.

Advantages of the Dry Carpet Cleaning System:

Low moisture means very short dry times.  The occupants can get back to business far quicker since a fraction of the amount of water is used. Spots don’t mysteriously reappear after cleaning. Carpets that are loaded with soil attracting residue can be rehabilitated and will stay cleaner longer. Quiet machinery that can be utilized during regular business hours. Environmentally friendly. No harsh chemistry is used and the machines are electrically powered.

Upholstery Dry Shampoo and Encapsulation.

For cleaning upholstery we have developed the PS1 dry shampoo which removes soil and odors from upholstery. During the cleaning process the PS1 shampoo loosens and encapsulates the soil from the textile fiber. After short drying period the product crystalizes and can be removed easily by vacuuming. The master Set PSG for big areas and the flexible Power Set PSS both contain tools and chemicals needed for a professional upholstery cleaning service.

Mattress Hygiene:

A dirty mattress can be an unhealthy problem for many people. The climate in your bedroom can create an ideal environment for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores to thrive in your mattress. Dust Mite food sources such as skin dander, dust and sweat combine to form an ideal breeding ground for dust mites. Not even the thickest bed sheet can protect you from them and it is impossible to remove all pathogens with common cleaning methods. According to scientific studies, dust mite excrement can cause painful allergies (such as runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, conjunctivitis, breathlessness, nervous cough, pruritus, rash, eczema, headache, sleep disorder, asthma).

The sleepfree anti-mite set eliminates these obnoxious bedfellows in your mattress and creates a procreative, hygienic clean sleep – for 6 months – scientifically proven.

As Europes leading manufacturer for professional dry cleaning systems we sell all our products in over 50 countries worldwide. Distribution in the U.S is being done only through our sister company Carpet Cleaner America.

If you are interested in distributing our products please contact us directly by email. We are looking for exclusive Partners who know the market in their country. Professional cleaning companies, Hotels, Office buildings, Shopping malls, Movie theaters, cruise ships etc. Are the main target group for Carpet Cleaner Industries products.

The Carpet Cleaner Dry Compound and the Crystal Cleaner Products are Airbus and Boeing certified, Furthermore we carry the Woolsafe Certification mark as well as the CRI certification.

For the residential market we carry smaller sets under the private label brand Sleepfree.


As the manufacturer we offer private labelling of all our products.