Carpet Cleaner Industries

The Carpet Cleaner System

CCI System

The Carpet Cleaner system for VLM very low moisture and Encapsulation carpet cleaning consists of easy-to-use CRB counter rotating brushing machines, special  dry cleaning compound and a wide range of liquid cleaning products. The heart of the system is the Carpet Cleaner dry compound, consisting of renewable natural (organic) materials:

  • free of phosphates
  • pH-neutral
  • biodegradable active agents


The Carpet Cleaner CRB Counter Rotating Brushing Machines are available in five different sizes and brush the dry compound through the carpet fibers. Soil will be loosened and absorbed by the dry compound like millions little sponges. At the same time it lifts and restores the carpet fiber. The dirty compound will be extracted by the machine with the Renovator attachments or simply vacuumed.

A full range of Carpet Care products is completing the system, including:

  • Carpet Cleaner Crystal Family
  • Carpet Cleaner Spot Removers


The complete Carpet Cleaner product range consists of high quality products, focusing on efficiency, environmental care and superior cleaning results.



Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning