Carpet Cleaner Industries


The Carpet Cleaner system consists of easy-to-use CRB counter rotating brushing machines, special  dry cleaning compound and a wide range of liquid cleaning products. The heart of the system is the Carpet Cleaner dry compound, consisting of renewable natural (organic) materials:

Upholstery furnitures are used frequently and often look heavily used. This is the reason why they should be cleaned periodically. The Carpet Cleaner Upholstery Cleaning System makes upholsteries look sparkling clean again!

Mattresses are the prior habitat for house dust mites, who produce allergens and can cause the harmful  dust mite allergy. Protect from Allergies with the Carpet Cleaner Mattress System.


CCI Austria stands for 30 years experience in developing the best textile cleaning systems. Product development is one of our highesst priorities. It makes us stay ahead of our competitors and helped us becoming the world's best dry carpet cleaning manufacturer.

We offer

  • highest product quality
  • best cleaning results
  • environmental care and sustainability
  • innovative product development
  • flexibility