Carpet Cleaner Industries

Sprayer for CRB PRO 35 & PRO 45 and TM 4 & TM 5!


Using the SPRAYER in combination with a CRB machine can increase the productivity up to 50% respectively reduce cleaning time up to 50 % - a milestone for the professional carpet cleaning industry!

  • the new onboard SPRAYER increases cleaning efficiency dramatically by eliminating the step of manually pre-spraying
  • convenience - with the SPRAYER on the CRB machine, no additional sprayers are necessary
  • apply your cleaning chemical only where it is needed
  • the SPRAYER was especially developed for the low moisture Encapsulation technology. Apply and agitate the Crystal Cleaner in one step on the textile surface.
  • fits on all CRB machines (except TM 3)

Technical data:

  • tank capacity 6 liters


Our legendary PRO CRB machines with the patented RENOVATOR trays clean any kind of textile and textured floors with spectacular results!

Easy to use