Carpet Cleaner Industries

Magic Roller Set

The Magic Roller carpet cleaning set for the quick use in the office, in the foyer or in the hotel room should not be missed on every cleaning cart. Our well proven low moisture Carpet Cleaner System makes carpets fiber-deep clean, guarantees the quickest drying time of all methods and cares for long-term clean and maintained carpets.


BenefitsMagic Roller Set

  • no furniture removal
  • short drying time
  • immediately usable
  • no water marks
  • no residues
  • increases lifetime of a carpet
  • saves time and money


Set Content

  • 1 Magic Roller brush with telescopic handle
  • 2 bottles 480 ml Crystal GO (RTU)
  • 1 FAST spot removal cloth
  • 1 sprayer




1. Spray

Spray Crystal GO on soiled areas of the carpet. Attention: do not soak the carpet!

2. Brush in

Brush in with the Magic Roller. The loosened soil is encapsulated in microscopic crystals. After drying (approximately 30 – 60 min.) remove the crystalline residues.


  • Before applying, remove dry soil with the vacuume cleaner.
  • Shake Crystal GO well before use.
  • Check the brush- and cleaning compatibility in an inconspicuous corner bevore the cleaning
  • For professional use only.