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A dirty mattress can be an unhealthy problem for many people.  The climate in your bedroom can create an ideal environment for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores to thrive in your mattress. Dust Mite food sources such as skin dander, dust and sweat combine to form an ideal  breeding ground for dust mites.  Not even the thickest bed sheet can protect you from them and it is impossible to remove all pathogens with common cleaning methods. Dust mites only appear in close proximity to humans, for there is not enough food and humidity for them to survive outdoors. The majority of these dust mites live their lives in our mattresses, but they can also be found in upholsteries, carpets and other similar surfaces.

While most people use showers, brush their teeth and change their clothes, many sleep up to 1/3 of their lifetime on unsanitary mattresses!  A mattress can be one of the most unsanitary surfaces we have contact with. Scientific studies prove that 1 billion germs can be found on 1 cm² mattress surface. Compared to 33.000 germs on a toilet and 70.000 on a frequently used doorknob.

Skin dander is the perfect food for dust mites.  In 1 gram of dust, up to 2500 mites can be found. This equals 2 million dust mites in one single mattress. With this huge amount of dust mites comes equal quantities of excrements. According to scientific studies,  dust mite excrement can cause painful allergies (such as runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, conjunctivitis, breathlessness, nervous cough, pruritus, rash, eczema, headache, sleep disorder, asthma).

Dust mites, their excrement as well as household dust is blown into the air with every bodily movement or shift on a mattress.  These particles typically end up in our mouths, noses and ears and and also collect on our skin. This is a true disaster for every allergy sufferer.

During the mite’s circle of life, it produces excrements 200 times its own body weight. These slimy pellets stick to textile fibers and later dry out and decompose into fine dust. These mite excrements contain the allergen which triggers allergies.  Scientific research concludes that the dust mite excrements, containing guanine, are a significant health risk to humans.

The Carpet Cleaner mattress cleaning system makes mattresses hygienic clean, without chemistry, and removes dust mites and their excrements in a natural way. It works immediately and cares for 6 month procreative, hygienic and clean sleep.

As mattresses in every private households and in the hotel business all over the world are daily used, they are adequate contaminated, we have developed the ideal and flexible solution for all areas of application, the Carpet Cleaner Mattress Hygiene System:

Patented sleepfree Vibra-Tool

Easy to use for home and on the way

For a procreative, hygienic deep sleep