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sleepfree certificate

Healthiness first! Especially in facilities like hotels, bed & breakfast places, hospitals, homes, youth hostels and many more mattresses/beds and upholstery are highly frequented and used by different people. In these places, a periodically cleaned mattress is a must have.

For allergy sufferers, the allergy prevention (children) and for hygienic awaring people, mite- and dust-free beds are an important PLUS!

Mattresses which are sprayed with sleepfree twice a year, gaurantee a yearlong, mite-free hygienic bed. Set yourself apart from competitors and let your costumers know that you periodically clean your mattresses by showing the sleepfree certificate.

This sleepfree anit-mite certificate is the perfect communication tool for:

  • hotels
  • hostels
  • convalescent homes
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • yough hostels
  • kindergarden
  • after-school care
  • creches


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