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1, 2, mitefree!

The patented Vibra-Tool is a world's novelty and very easy to use. The Vibra-Tool fits on a variety of common vacuum cleaner hoses. During vaccuming, the Vibra-Tool beats dirt deep from the fibres on every side of the mattress/textile surface. For a hygienic clean mattress.

The rubber blades of the sleepfree Vibra-Tool beat the mattress approx. 40 times per second (depending on the settings of your vacuum). These vibrations loosen dirt, dust and mites from the textile fibers which will be removed by the vacuum.

The application is ideal for all textile surfaces, which can shelter dust mites, like mattresses (except waterbeds), upholstery, carpets, soft toys, pet beds, car seats and many more. The sleepfree Vibra-Tool removes the dust from all dust catchers!

sleepfree vibra-tool

  • fits on a variety of vacuum cleaner hoses
  • removes dirt deep from textile fibres
  • Art.No. V1




1. Vacuum

Attach the patented Vibra-Tool onto the hose of your vacuum cleaner and vacuum all sections of your mattress. Due to the vibrations, dust mites and their excrements are removed from the mattress along with dander, hair and dust.



2. Spray

Spray sleepfree evenly on all parts of your mattress.  Maintain a distance of appr. 30 cm while spraying.  Shake before use.  Protects mattress from dust mite recurrence for 6 months, scientifically proven.  Mattress can be used after appr. 1 – 2 h drying time.

Done! Your mattress is now mite free for the next 6 months!