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The PS1 Set is designed for the small and flexible use. With the upholstery cleaning set you can remove stubborn contaminants of all kinds from your cushions by yourself.

The filled handshampoobrush should not be missed on every cleaning cart! For example, in every hotel room, unsightly stains can be resolved quickly and uncomplicated - the cleaned upholstery can be used immedeately.

More examples for the various range of application of the handshampoobrush are: upholsteries in the restaurant area, lounge furniture in the lobby, in holding areas, cinemas, the cleaning of car seats or upholsteries in caravans and boats, expensive pet beds, children's furnture ...


  • Dissolves stubborn food and drink stains
  • Special dry foam formula
  • Applicable on all upholstered furniture
  • Easy application
  • Short drying time
  • No sticky residue
  • Prevents quick resoiling
  • Ideal for boats, yachts, caravans etc.



  • HSB handshampoobrush
  • PS 1B dry foam concentrate 500 ml
  • Art.No. PS1 HSB






1. Mix

Fill up the shampoo bottle with six parts water. Then add 1 part PS1 dry foam concentrate to. 1 bottle of concentrate (500 ml) is enough for about 20 applications.

2. Brushing

Press the shampooing bottle several times until a „dry“ foam cleaner arises. First test your upholstered furniture in an inconspicuous place for cleaning compatibility. Distribute the dry foam on the upholstery surface and massage it with rotating movements. We always recommend that you clean the entire surface, so that no water marks occur. The dry foam dissolves the pollutants. Leave the foam to dry. Upon drying the foam transforms into crystals, encapsulating the loosened dirt.

3. Remove

After the drying-time you suck the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner thoroughly. This will remove the crystalline residue with the encapsulated dirt (Microencapsulation).