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PSG Master Set

PSG Master Set


Upholsteries must be cleaned periodically to remove soil and odors. The system of encapsulation makes upholsteries look sparkling clean again!

The PSG Master Kit is perfect for the upholstery specialist. The 5-liter-spray
tank makes this kit unbeatable for large jobs.


While cleaning, the soil is removed deep
from the textile fibers. During short drying
time, the loosened soil is encapsulated.
These capsules can be removed by extracting or vacuuming without leaving any sticky residues.


  • suitable for all kinds of upholstery
  • removes soil, spots and odors
  • refreshes colours
  • simple to use
  • fast and efficient
  • leaves no harmful residues
  • upholstery can be used immediately
  • cleans most textiles
  • cleans leather



  • F 1 spot remover 0,5 l
  • PS1 dry foam concentrate 1 l
  • HSB dry shampoo hand brush
  • HT1 terry cloth towel
  • RB 100 rotation brush
  • PS50 spray tank 5 l with 4 m spiral hose
  • optional: battery powered pump

Attention: recommended power drill not included. 



1. Prespray

Spray F1 stain remover on spots and heavilly soiled areas.



2. Apply & agitate

Use the RB 100 brush to agitate the PS 1 dry shampoo on the entire textile surface.



3. Detailed cleaning

Use the HSB hand brush to clean corners, edges and difficult to reach areas.



4. Dirt pick-up

Use the HT1 terry cloth towel to pick up the encapsulated dirt and/or vacuum.