Carpet Cleaner Industries

Intense deep cleaning & dry extraction with CRB machines.

Deep cleaning is typically prescribed annually or semi-annually, depending on the traffic levels of the establishment.  This is when you perform the most intensive cleaning to get the carpet as clean as possible.  Normally more soil is present so you must perform multiple steps to get the carpet clean. 
Prior to chemical application, dry soil removal can extract almost 75-80% of the overall soil in the carpet. It also lifts the pile and prepares the fibers for chemical application. 
The Crystal Cleaner loosens the dirt from the carpet fibres, the dry cleaning compound absorbs the soil like millions little sponges. After removing the dirty compound the carpet is ready to use immediately.

1. Remove dry soil, lift carpet pile (CRB machine & renovators):

removing dry soil   


2. Prespray Crystal Family Product on heavy soiled areas:

Crystal Family    


3. Sprincle carpet cleaning compound:



4. Brush in compound (CRB machine & brushes):

brush in 


5. Pick up soiled compound (CRB machine & renovators):

pick up soiled compound