Carpet Cleaner Industries

ENCAPSULATION - Interim Cleaning with Crystal Family

Interim cleaning is ideally done a few times in between deep cleanings. For example, if you normally deep clean once per year but sustain enough foot traffic to warrant more cleanings, you can prescribe quarterly interim cleanings that only address the high traffic areas and keep the appearance level acceptable.  This will keep the carpet looking great throughout the year. The Crystal Cleaner loosens and encapsulates soil from the carpet fibres - principle of ENCAPSULATION. This process also extends the life of the carpet by removing the dry soil more often.


1. Remove dry soil, lift carpet pile (CRB Machine & Renovator):

Remove dry soil 


2. Spray Crystal Family Product:

Spray Crystal Cleaner 


3. Brush-in Crystal Cleaner (CRB Machine & Brushes):

Brush in 


4. Pick up encapsulated soil (CRB Machine & Renovator):

pick up encapsulated soil