Carpet Cleaner Industries


2017 Launch of new product group "sleepfree"

2017 Launch of new product group "Crystal Family"

2015 Development of cleaning systems for private households „clean it©“

2014 Market entrance mattress cleaning systems

2014 Licence production for compound and liquid chemicals in the U.S.

2013 Development of a cleaning machine for private households  

2012 Certification for BOEING and AIRBUS worldwide

2010 Foundation of "Carpet Cleaner America" in Spartanburg, SC, USA

2006 Development of the new CRB counter rotating brushing machines PRO 35 & PRO 45

2003 Firsst Exhibition on U.S. Market

2000 Sales in over 30 countries worldwide

1993 Foundation of Carpet Cleaner GmbH Germany

1990 Foundation of Carpet Cleaner GmbH

1987 R&D of dry-cleaning system for carpets/carpet floors


The Brand CCI Austria stands for 30 years’ experience in the development of the best dry cleaning systems and cleaning supplies for textile surfaces. Innovative thinking while constantly developing new products are the key factors of the company’s success. Highest quality of products and costumer satisfaction are our top priority.


Our goal is to create the most environmentally friendly, efficient and easy to use carpet cleaning system the industry has seen thus far!

Customer satisfaction

When it comes to hygienic cleaning and spot removal, there is no way around CCI’s products. Satisfied and Loyal B2B costumers can be found in over 50 countries worldwide. Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Bus Lines, Railway/Intercity Trains, Commercial Buildings and many more are cleaned daily with Carpet Cleaner products. The products are sold both as house branded Carpet Cleaner and private label worldwide.