Carpet Cleaner Industries


We offer the best carpet cleaning compound:

  • all products are manufactured in AUSTRIA
  • private label options available (one pallet minimum order qty.)
  • proven track record for over 30 years
  • available in more than 50 countries worldwide
  • 5 different types and sizes of CRB machines for low moisture cleaning
  • recommended by many carpet mills

The Sprayer!

The SPRAYER for the CRB PRO 35 & PRO 45 and CRB TM 4 & TM 5 machines! Machines are available including the SPRAYER, existing machines can be upgraded.

Using the SPRAYER in combination with a CRB machine can increase the productivity up to 50% respectively reduce cleaning time up to 50 % - a milestone for the professional carpet cleaning industry!

Carpet Cleaner System

Carpet Cleaner Industries is the European leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning systems for textile surfaces with more than 30 years experience on the market, exporting in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery-Shampoo System: Upholsteries must be cleaned periodically to remove soil buildup and odors. The system of encapsulation makes upholstery look sparkling clean again!

  • Easy to use, fast
  • Perfect for all kinds of upholsteries
  • Encapsulation cleaning

Crystal Family

The new high performance product range Crystal Family for the professional cleaning of all kinds of carpets:

  • Crystal Classic - a classic, well proven for decades!
  • Crystal Green - free of surfactants, with crystallizing effect!
  • Crystal Double - the solution for heavy soil! 
  • Crystal Oxy - with active ogygen!

The products do not cause water marks and can be used for deep cleaning and interim cleaning.

The Brand

Take the advantage of our company's many years experience in carpet, hard floor, mattress and upholstery cleaning. Try our ecological and economic cleaning systems today.

Trust in the quality of our Brand CARPET CLEANER!


We are certificated according to CRI Carpet & Rug Institute, organic certificated according to USDA, Woolsafe as well as EnviroSeal.


The Magic Roller set for the quick use in the office, in the foyer or in the hotel room should not be missed on every cleaning cart.:

  • Encapsulation cleaning
  • RTU product
  • immediately usable
  • quick and easy cleaning


The Carpet Cleaner Compound for VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaning consists of renewable natural materials, is free of phosphates, pH-neutral and biodegradable!


While most people use showers, brush their teeth and change their clothes, many sleep up to 1/3 of their lifetime on unsanitary mattresses! A mattress can be one of the most unsanitary surfaces we have contact with. The sleepfree Anti-Miteset or the professional mattress hygienic machine make the mattress hygienic clean.


Crystal Oxy with oxygen is a cleaning booster for heavy soiled carpets. Spray Crystal Oxy on food and beverage stains before cleaning with Crystal Family/Compound - for up to 30 % better cleaning results!


The F1 universal stain remover removes most of food and beverage stains from carpets. F1 is a pH-neutral Allround-Spotremover. Instruction: apply F1 on a towel, dab the spot with the moistened towel so that the spot is absorbed into the towel. Always dub and do not rub!


The Crystal Cleaner loosens and encapsulates soil from the carpet fibres - principle of ENCAPSULATION. This process also extends the life of the carpet by removing the dry soil more often.